One Life Academy (OLA). As followers of Jesus we are continuously wrestling with how our faith affects the day-to-day. Let’s remember, God cares about all 168 hours of our week. OLA is an environment where we will learn that the principles of God are relevant right where we are, today, in this moment, in this place. We will use an engaging class format in order to encourage you to experience your faith more fully.

Come learn how following Jesus can affect every part of your life

One Life Academy


This season of OLA will be held digitally using a secure Zoom number. Each night we will recap the material in a large group setting followed by extended time in small breakout groups. Your breakout groups are lead by a group facilitator and designed to encourage fellowship, engagement with the material, as well as a spiritual challenge to take into your life.


  • Attend 6 sessions held on the following Wednesday evenings from 8:30-9:30pm
      • February 24th
      • March 3rd
      • March 10th
      • March 17th
      • March 24th
      • March 31st
  • Devote around 30 minutes of preparation prior to weekly sessions
  • Actively engage in the discussion during the breakout groups

Ready to go?