242 Groups are a way to further our discipleship and grow closer to God through the breaking of bread, teaching, fellowship, and prayer (Acts 2:42). 242 Groups are intentional, covenantal environments where members will cultivate deep relationships that foster spiritual growth and togetherness.


Discipleship is the lifelong journey of following the words, works and ways of Jesus. (based on Matthew 7v24-27)


  • Groups will meet either weekly or biweekly, as decided upon by the group
  • Meetings will occur either online or in person
  • Groups will practice the four elements found in Acts 2v42
    1. Study the way of Jesus through God’s Written Word and other content
    2. Spending time together
    3. Share Meals
    4. Pray for one another

242 Groups are covenantal in nature


  • I will
    • Make group a priority. I will do my best to read the material, show up on time, and attend meetings regularly.
    • Build a community of trust. I agree to keep things that are shared in our 242 Group confidential, and will not share anything outside of the group without permission.
    • Treat my group members with respect. I will be an active listener and give everyone an opportunity to participate in the conversation.
    • Show love to those in my group. If there is a hurt or conflict, I will bring it up and discuss it. I will deal with it in love and will assume the best of the other person. 
    • Have a heart for growth. I will be open to bringing new members in as the Holy Spirit leads. I was once an outsider and someone invited me in; I want to do that for others as well.
    • Contribute to the group. I will give my stories, give my time, and my energy so that I can be a blessing to my group as my group is a blessing to me. 

Ready to go?